Our Y11s took their mocks this week. We used the November 2013 paper which they had not ever been exposed to within the school. Results not yet compiled due to certain individuals (me) being behind on marking. I have to moderate some higher exams soon also so I may make this a semi-regular feature.

A question I loved

Q22 F1 Nov 13

No excuses kids it even gives you the formula. A simple test of applying numeracy. A lot of you find 12 x 6 hard. Did any of you think to half the 12 first, giving you 6×6 which nearly all of you can do? This is a skill I need to teach more I think.

A question I hated

Q6 F1 Nov13

This seems to be a trick on the poor pupils. Of course if you read the question you see that Lily is yet to spin the spinner. But my pupils struggle to read the questions, a skill I am trying to teach. The picture, designed surely to help them interpret the question shows the spinner already leaning towards green. I only teach 15 Y11s and if I had a pound for every pupil that answered with a cross on 1 (ie certain) but answered the other probability questions correctly I could afford a London pint. They think the spinner has already been spun and that it has landed on green. If interpreting the question is what is being tested then do away with the diagram if not then give them a bird’s eye view of the spinner. It was misleading to show it leaning to one side.