Loved it

Let’s do some thinking boys and girls. Time to turn that brain on thank you. My pupils didn’t get an answer to this, it was stuck on to the back of the foundation paper but none of mine were able to have an attempt. Things we are testing:

– Ability to spot it is an isosceles triangle

– Spotting that we are solving an equation and not merely collecting like terms

– Ability to solve said equation

– Knowing what a perimeter is

– Substitution into an equation

– Writing down your workings as you go (tricky to hold all that in your head)

Nov13 Higher Q8

A question I hated

A higher exam, over half way through the paper why are we providing the table of values? This should not be necessary. The question would be a lot more rigorous without it. Like this it has merely become a substitution problem. They even do negative 1 for you so you can check your negatives work. Let’s back our kids to learn more than this in 16 years of life.

Nov13 Higher Q17