Back by popular demand (code for one person mentioned they read it once) My school missed out on the intermediate maths challenge this year. It is a shame as both teachers and pupils enjoy it. Unavoidable in the circumstances as we didn’t have the staff to supervise it at a very busy time for our school.

Here is one I loved: I thought I had taught angles well but to be honest I don’t think any of them would have got this. Nice question.

Pentagon Question

Here is one I hated (a bit strong): Presumably it is a test of vocabulary but it doesn’t actually test it. If it had been a division then at least you expect the pupils to know the difference between a vertex and an edge. By saying product any fool can answer the question (they define face so no mixing up that one). Also 20 should be a wrong answer and they shouldn’t show the dotted line, increase the rigour please.