“What is there to do round here then?” I skeptically ask my Y7 tutor group. “Dent, walk up Dent” several of them reply eagerly. Such a change from Ipswich, not as many eager students in the whole school as there are in my tutor group. On balance they said it would be steep but they had all done it as small children so I suspected I would manage.


No idea whether I am allowed to park here, didn’t seem to do any harm.


Wath Bridge is pretty.


One of them is able to run up it in 30 minutes apparently. That scares me as just getting to this point took me that time. This is a mile and a half into the walk and the first time you can see the summit. The first part of the walk is in thin woodland, bordering farms.

I met a fellow who asked if I was doing the coast to coast (not a chance) but apparently this is part of the walk.


Most of the way up and only my second photo stop (read too tired to carry on stop). Nice view, shoddy camera work does it no justice. You can see the coast from here and Sellafield further North.


Terrible excuse for a cairn. Not quite on topmost point and far too wide.




As you get to the top, the national park opens out in front of you. A truly splendid sight. The views from the top Eastwards are incredible.


Was planning to watch the sunset from the top but the walk was far easier than the kids had led me to believe and it was too wet/cold to wait for half an hour. The walk back down is pleasant but the sunset is blocked by Dent itself and the woodland.


Short warm-up or evening walk. Might have been nice to do it clockwise instead to get the full benefit of the sunset on the way home. Also worth noting there is another car park (a more formal one) about where the 4th mile marker is. Might be an idea to leave the car there.

When: 10/09/16         18:00 start.
How far: 4.5 miles
How long: 2 hours –  Hour up, 15 minute stop at the top, hour down (could have been quicker I was on the phone for much of the descent).
How hard: Easy but the short steep sections make it unsuitable for pushchairs, elderly etc.
Who with: on my own (I often like it that way).

Has walk the fells man done it? Of course he has at least 8 times (I have some catching up to do!)