So a benefit of shopping for yourself (and only yourself) is that you can be adaptable when you spot a bargain. I found all this squid in the reduced for 47p. I have no idea how much squid normally costs but that seemed like a good deal. I have never cooked squid before but I like eating it out if I get a chance.

Copy of spicy squid.jpg

I make errors cooking. I am easily distracted and rush headlong into cooking without any recipes, youtube or practice. I invariably google how to do it properly afterwards. The bullet point method below is a hodge-podge of what I did and what I should have done. In this case I should have scored the squid (and flattened it better than I have above) this would have made it easier to crisp up and I wouldn’t have got rolls of squid. Also I think I could have done with proper oil and not the spray to fry this properly.

spicy squid.jpg

I really enjoyed this meal, so much so I decided to start this section of the blog. Fair to say the presentation could be better had I done something other than scoop the food from the pan to the plate as quickly as I possibly could. I made this too spicy, I have a tendency to do that with all food. I just never quite get the hang of the fact that something as small as a chilli or teaspoon of spice can add so much flavour.

1 yellow pepper 50p
1 red Chilli (1 of a 60p pack of 4) 15p
Fresh ginger (I used about a third of a 28p piece) 9p
Squid 47p
Juice of a lemon 35p
Salt 1p
White Pepper 1p
Cooking Oil (I used that 1 cal spray) 1p

Score the squid
Put oil in pan hot (very hot please)
Chilli and Ginger in the pan (you are trying to get the flavour into the oil)
Squid in, should hear it sizzle this goes quickly, (it will curl up like mine if you forget to score it, don’t worry it still tastes nice)
Once squid nearly there throw in tentacles and put in the chopped yellow pepper to just warm through I don’t want to caramelise the pepper and make it sweet.
Serves: One of me.

Washing up: Not much, the one pan is the only thing that needs thinking about as any challenge.

Slimming World: Free

Possible Alterations:

  • Add Rice, will bulk up the meal if wanted for a dinner rather than a lunch. Or could have served 2 of me for lunch.
  • Children, wimps (and pretty much everyone if we are honest) would want less spice. Remove seeds from chilli and consider whether you actually need that much ginger.
  • If wanting to use this amount of fish for a family you could bulk out the dish using spring onions, pak choi or something like that. If filling this pan up too much you would want to cook the veg seperately to the fish because the squid wouldn’t fry up very well when trying to cook all these veggies.
  • Some would want to sweeten this up by cooking peppers until coloured and put a teaspoon of sugar in with the garlic and chilli.