I stole this recipe from the BBC television programme eat well for less featuring Greg Wallace and his mate. It can still be caught on the iplayer when I am writing this. I can’t watch it however as I do not have a tv license. I like the show, the recipes are generally very easy and always cheap. The recipe can be found on their website here. I see no shame in television chefs.


Please ignore the bean salad, that recipe is for another day. I really enjoy the burgers and have made them on two seperate occasions. This time was far better, I used more flour which prevented them falling apart and helped them crisp up under the grill. Flavour needs to be added with herbs and spices otherwise it is bland. I used chilli powder, coriander, tumeric and spring onions. I probably wouldn’t use the spring onions again as they burnt easily. Chilli powder can be strong stuff, in my first attempt I over seasoned, this time was far better.

400g Tin of chickpeas 35p
400g Big tin of sweetcorn 50p
Herbs and Spices whatever you want, use those old jars, be liberal. 10p
Plain Flour 10p
Salt and pepper 2p
Salsa – Only used half the pot (£1) but ended up throwing the rest out so a bad buy. 50p


  • Add chickpeas and sweetcorn to large mixing bowl. Whizz with hand whisk (ignore tv comments that you shouldn’t bother, it is far easier).
  • Liberally add spices, tasting as you go.
  • Add some flour to help you form patties, allow it to be fairly sticky still.
  • Shape into burger sized patties and coat heavily with flour
  • Put under a hot grill for one minute top should firm up.
  • Turn them and cook until brown on top
  • Turn once more until other side is browning.
  • Serve with some (bought in my case) salsa.

Traditional burger bun with lettuce and tomato. Best for the BBQ.
Bean Salad – a nice healthy alternative to burger bun, more filling also.

Serves: made 6 burgers which lasted three lunches for me (admittedly with that large bean salad or crusty buttered rolls).

Washing up: can be a problem because the mixing bowl can be a nightmare. As long as you remember a bit of foil on your grill pan then there is nothing to burn on and cause hours of hassle.

Slimming World: Whatever the value of the salsa is basically, lots of people seem to make that for free. Doesn’t sound too hard to be honest.