Recently (quite a while ago somebody reminded me) there was a twitter love-in regarding Don Steward and his resource website. They are splendid. I don’t think anyone mentioned this post though. I have only just found it and it was an excellent starter to the 3D solids unit for my Y11s. Also can be used as a good extension or deviation in a plans and elevations lesson further down the school.

These are ideal to put onto a slideshow presentation for pupils to use as an extension or as a worksheet (it’s heavy on the coloured ink so make them share and hand back in unblemished). The multiple choice element makes this relatively easy to mark and the visuals engage the kids well.

I hope Don and indeed the people he nicked them from initially (Robert Webb and Peter Grabarchuk) aren’t unhappy that I have made a worksheet from it so here is a link to where I have uploaded that onto TES.

Please can somebody check the answers I always make one mistake. Rushing, attention to detail and a general apathy generally cause this.