A teacher that will always live long in the memory for me is Martin Tucker, my A level economics teacher. He had many catchphrases that he would utter that were my porthole into obscure (and some not so obscure) cultural references.

“I have never said anything original in my life”

He will never know quite how much impact that quote has had on me. I assume that it itself is a quote from somewhere or something but I have never bothered finding out. As teachers we are constantly told not to reinvent the wheel. I have certainly never attempted to make my own resources and rarely think of my own tasks. I liken my planning to a magpie, hunting around for the best ideas. The only challenge I face is an administration task of collation, which this blog is partly here to tackle.

So in that vein here is another resource that went down well. It has a nod towards differentiation in that the back page includes a decimal place. Add a proper challenge by telling pupils that the measurements have been truncated rather than rounded.


You will gain credibility from some of the kids for knowing that the easier side are all Marvel characters and the other side is DC. This matters to a certain type of kid and therefore should matter to you. Even kids who are too cool for school will approve of this. They will enjoy the fact they are ‘mature’ enough to merely answer the questions on the page whilst ignoring the characters. But I know which kid I would rather be.

Could use a display but I have an aversion to allowing pupils time to draw and colour in. Making up of the cards in the book is a happy medium to keep work looking special and neat, but not eating too much time for little value.