First walk after actually moving to the Lake District. Dad chose it, I think because it was flat and easy. I like taking on fells as a rule even though I can be very slow at actually getting up them. This was actually a scenic walk although walking round it felt more like a recce mission scouting out the fells I want to do soon.


Within the first mile or so the views are already good, I worked out what the fells I am looking at are. I have since forgotten.

Dog likes view.jpg

The dog found this part of the walk far easier than it’s owners. If you aren’t sure on our feed there is a slight scramble for you here, we were able to walk it though.

Shouldn't  eat these.jpg

You don’t get this at the top of the fells. There are advantages to lakeside walks, the wildlife can be more varied.

Lunch stop.jpg

About half way round and time for a lunch stop (reasonably sure this was well after lunchtime). Nice spot for a picnic.


Seven easy miles, but remember your boots or your trainers will get wet and smell your new flat out for a while.

When: 22/08/16     Afternoon (I think)
How far: 7 miles
How long: I think it was about 3 hours including a 20 minute lunch stop. We stopped a bit though, you could hurry round a lot quicker.
How hard: Easy but very short almost scramble makes this unsuitable for those less sure of their feet. We met a group who seemed to regret their choice of walk.
Who with: Mum and Dad

Has walk the fells man done it: Of course he has at least 14 times. Although he seems to do it clockwise. I liked the way we did it, I am sure he has his reasons.