This is very quick and simple, but not a cheap one I am afraid. There are some little tricks that can make it cheaper and I have calculated the costs based on these. I didn’t use these hacks for various reasons and my cost for the two portions was a bit embarrassing (£3.95).

salmon pasta3.jpg

This tastes far nicer with a squeeze of lemon, but I only bought 2 this week and I have used one and need the other for my sweet and sour chicken. Meal planning is the key to success as a lone diner but that only works if you remember what ingredients you need to cook the meal. This one can’t really be frozen so don’t make more than one extra portion, unless you want to turn into a smoked salmon by over-consumption of course.

Putting the salmon on top, like in the photo makes it seem more generous and you can indulge in the salmon when you want (I always eat the best bits at the end). With just two portions this is heavy on the salmon, if you want to stretch your budget further keep some salmon back and have it in a sandwich or with scrambled egg later in the week. It lasts longer than you might expect.

200g Pasta 24p (Tesco Fusilli I went for)
100g Smoked Salmon trimmings £2 (estimate, I paid £2.50 for slices as couldn’t find trimmings, you can’t always).
125g Light/Diet Cream Cheese 50p (half a £1 tub). God knows why I paid £2.40 for similarly sized Philadelphia.
Lemon 35p (only need half the juice but does anyone really keep that second half? Full price included.)
Salt 1p


  • Boil pasta. Do not forget to boil with salt, THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • Ensure water is always boiling, keep checking on pasta until it is done as you wish (about 10 minutes probably).
  • Drain pasta.
  • Stir in cream cheese, serve.
  • Put salmon on top to make it feel more generous.

Serves: 2 lunches for me

Slimming World: About 5 syns per portion, all for the cream cheese. Never tried it with anything else so don’t want to try and unsyn it for you.

Washing up: barely any, whatever dish you mix it together in will take a bit of a wipe, other than that it just splashes clean.