This was joy. This dish is the first on this blog that I would cook and share with friends, it was that good. I borrowed the recipe from here, seemed to work well. My favorite part of cooking is when you have all your ingredients chopped and prepared and just the fun bit is left.


In this case there was a better bit though. Once you have made the paste and start heating it the smells are phenomenal. Not much to look at, but cook it and tell me I am wrong.


Served it like this, four of those pieces of salmon ended up on my plate.


This meal was something special. I had two further portions left over, one in fridge for tomorrow another in freezer (no idea if that will work to be honest).

400g Salmon £6.40 this was my luxury good of the week. Expensive though!
Garlic 2 cloves 4p
Ginger about half of my small bit 14p
Cinnamon stick 28p
Onion 16p
Large tin coconut milk £1.99
Chillis (3 green ones) 45p
Half lemon (I dud use half) 18p
Mustard seed 4p
Garam Massala 8p
Star Anise 8p
Cardamom pods 5p
Salt 1p
Black Pepper 1p
Curry leaves 10p
Coriander 10p
100g Rice 10p
100ml water

So only after reading this did I realise just how expensive this was. Obviously the cost is down to that huge (and lovely) bit of salmon. Clearly that would serve 6-8 people on my Mum’s portions and could easily have done 4-5 of me. I am a big fellow and appreciate my portion size so cost is calculated based on only the 3 portions I have made. I have overestimated the cost of the spices, it is hard to judge what proportion of the jar I used. But having bought them I prefer to overestimate rather than underestimate their value.

You can get cheaper coconut milk, cheaper (and less) fish and not do the entire spice mix and bring this dish in at about £2.20 per portion I reckon.


  • Toast mustard seeds, cardamom pods and cinamon in a small amount of oil. Add some onions to sweat after a few seconds, leave for 5 minutes.
  • Make a paste by blitzing the ginger, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, ground coriander and small amount of coconut milk until paste is smooth. Mine could have been smoother, persist with this is is worth it.
  • Add the paste along with the chillis to the pan and cook over a gentle heat for 10 or so minutes.
  • Add the coconut milk, water, curry leaves and garam masala at this point. Add the fish carefully and cook gently until fish is cooked (5 minutes depending on fish type and size).
  • Serve garnished with lemon juice and coriander.  I ate it with rice, which is the obvious accompaniment.

Slimming World: 7 syns for my portion apparently (all in the coconut milk) this assumes you use the low fat version. I didn’t, probably explains my lack of weight loss.

Washing up: Not as bad as it looks, whatever you make the paste in will require a go at and the pan obviously. Don’t let the rice stick, that can be a bugger.