Part way up Gavel fell there is a sheep fold. I know this as when I asked a pupil to point at a random location on my map that is what he pointed at. It became my ambition to visit it. I did find a nice easy(ish) route that I will certainly try in the near future. When I got there another route looked far more interesting so I decided to go for that instead. Silly boy.


The views at the start of the walk were already decent. I was able to get the last space at a national trust car park. There was a wedding at the local church and I don’t think the single track dirt roads had ever seen so much traffic.


You make it to this tiny little tarn. I am amazed that those two little clumps of land in the water actually make it onto the OS map.


Can you make out a little path starting from the bottom right of the photo? No me neither, let’s go up there directly I thought. Mistake. Although looking at this photo again I realise how far I did actually get.


Had lunch at a nice little waterfall before beginning the ascent.


This was not just a scramble but neither was it vertical at any time. You did need all four limbs. Regular stopping required but some incredible views.



It began to rain, I had already slipped once and the ground was promising to get even looser (or thicker with heather depending on my elected route) I was unsure how much time it would take me from where I was and I was tired. So when I got to a particularly steep section I turned around. I had not come prepared for the type of walking I was faced with. I left thinking that I would return more prepared and a tad fitter another day.

When: 01/10/16  14:00
How far: The walk was 3 miles in the end, should have been further.
How long: 3 hours, it was so slow getting up, needed breaks so regularly.
How hard: Silly difficult I am afraid. It was not a path on OS and I realise why.
Who with: Just me.