Disclaimer: At no point was I at risk of dashing anywhere in a hurry. A Dent dawdle would be a more appropriate description of my morning. It even made the paper.

I love that I work at a school where people organise this sort of thing. “Let’s go up Dent” one pupil says. “Why don’t you sort it then” replies teacher. “Ok then”.

Yes students were instrumental to this from organising, to choosing the charities and raising the money. That takes nothing away from those staff who put out their weekend to supervise, organise and shepherd. I did no such thing. I just went for a walk around the local fell with new colleagues.


Not many photos this time, but it was very nice. We didn’t end up going up Dent in the end as it was too windy. Some of the little ones were being blown around even at the lower level.


You don’t have to travel far to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

When: 24/09/16  09:00
How far: The walk was about 10 miles.
How long: 3 hours.
How hard: Easy really, unless you try and run it and slip over.
Who with: School colleagues and pupils.